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Delsol with b18b1

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So I traded my car and got a 94 delsol with a b18b1 swap. My link My link Theres a few things I would like to know. I took out all AC componets out. Do I need the fan that was on the AC condencer? What is swapable with the b18. I dont want to go with the vtec head. Is there a better intake mani that bolts right up. Are there any ecu's that would be better. Is there a better TB. Are there cams that I could swap. Any valve springs that are good. Sence it is a b18 swap would i have the b18 axles or the stock delsol axles? Im looking for cheep upgrades. Spending 500 on some cams is just crazy. And for the disty, is there a way to make it a hemi and coil. I did this on my kl and works very well.


I know some of you will tell me to search but i dont want to sit here and read for hours. If there is a post with this info please give me a link.


Heres a link to my kl build so you know that I know what im doing.



thanks for the help and hope i can get this slow POS and make it fast.

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so odd to find a honda new guy with a clue about which end of a ratchet goes where. usually it's questions about where should I put this hello kitty sticker?


nice 6, had a 93 pgt mt for a while myself. still one of the best handling cars I have ever driven/ridden.


so many questions: yes, you need that fan if you want heat. the best ecu will be the stock b18b1 ecu - if you boost or do a high comp n/a there are piggyback and add on controllers to tune with later. potentially, you could have either axle. if it was done correctly you should have teg b18 axles though. the first thing to do is open up that airpath. stock airflow on a honda is the first hurdle. intake/header/exhaust will let it breathe and give you a noticeable increase.

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when a got this car it had a few problems. Im starting to take it apart. I want the right parts before i put it back together. Right now it has a cai, magun headers with 2.5 exh, res test pipe, blox axle back muffler and all of the ac is out. I think the b18 is from a 94-00 ls as it is not a vtec. Im just looking to see what I should look for. Im going to get the 10.2 wires, thermal intake gasket, but thats all i know to get. I would get the tb spacer but want to know if there is a better tb from a different motor, same with the intake. What cams will fit. What valve springs will fit. Is there a lighter fly wheel as i dont want to spend 300 on one. What fuel injectors will fit. Is there a bigger stock fuel rail.





I have been reading up on this but its hard for me to understand what I have and what i need.


All i know is that it is a b18b1 non vtec. I dont know what OBD it is. I think it is obd1.



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