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89 CRX Engine Help


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Ok so im interested in buying an 89 Honda CRX but it has engine problems, I was wondering are there any Honda engines that will just bolt right into the 89 without any modifications? If not how hard is it to do a B16B swap? What kind of work am I getting myself into?

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Lots of engines and its an easy swap... what is your mechanical knowledge xand what are budgets?


I have basic Mechanical skills Ive took auto mechanics for a year and im not incompetent Right now my budgets low I gotta get my FireBird sold and ill have about a grand minus the 300 I need to buy the CRX, What am I going to need to buy? besides maybe engine mounts, other than the wiring harness and PCM

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well, what motor is currently in the car? you will need engine, tranny, axles, shift linkage, ecu, and the harness to convert from carb/dual point to pgmf (i think those are the right letters)


what is wrong with the current motor (and what motor is it)

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