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My name is Ethan, I'm an ase master certified technician working at a Subaru dealership. I have done a lot of performance and fabrication work on turbo cars but not a whole lot on hondas. I built one turbo civic a couple years back but that is about it. I recently got a shipment of bee r launch control units for Hondas, and came across this forum while looking for potential customers. So while I am always looking to learn more about cars, I hope to be able to help others as well...........and maybe sell some launch control units as well :)

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subi's are the easiest new cars to work on. I like a challenge so I take a lot of the diagnostics and "other" vehicles brought to the dealership. I don't need help with any Honda cars but I do like to learn. I took a class a while back on Honda performance, always looking to broaden my horizon. The launch control works "best" on turbo cars, lets the turbo spool before you launch. However the units also let you shift without letting off the gas. When you press the clutch to shift it drops the rev limiter to the lower setting so you don't need to let off the gas.

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