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81 Sedan carpeting/interior


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Hey guys,


I just bought an 81 sedan as my first car, the interior is really bad, and I'm wondering if the molded carpeting on JCWhitney for the 81 hatchback would fit my car. I ask because everywhere I've looked they only offer carpeting for the hatch.


Also, the seats are completely ripped up, yellow foam is visible everywhere. Would seat covers be sufficient or should I get new seats?

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If the foam is damaged enough that the seat is deformed a seat cover isn't going to make it any more comfortable. If it is simply torn but intact a cover would be suitable. If they are not badly damaged you really should get it to an automotive upholstery shop and have them recovered if you plan on saving this car. Civic's of this generation are becoming extremely rare and that seat is irreplaceable.


Although this is a honda forum we really don't have anyone with 1st and 2nd gen cars that visit this site. To get a better answer to your carpet question you need to try and find a web forum specializing in 1st and 2nd gens.

Somewhere like this: http://www.1stgencivic.org/ Even though it is a 1st gen specific site they cater to a lot of the vintage hondas in general.


I would love to see pictures of your car. I have been shopping for a suitable 1st gen project for some time but haven't found anything close enough to me to warrant purchasing.

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