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Honda civic 91 overheating problem

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Hey guys im new here to the forum and recently signed up because i am in desperate need of help. So a couple of months ago when i got my license my uncle gave me his honda civic as a gift. the problem then was that the car would over heat so you had to drive with the heater on because the radiator was messed up. so once i did all the paper work for the car i started to work on fixing the car. we went to the junk yard and got a radiator that was in good condition and switched it out with the old one and fixed a dent that was in the front under the hood where the radiator went. after that the car was still over heating on me so my uncle wanted a family friend to look at it. he looked at it and said i needed a new head gasket. my family all pitched in the get it fixed for me. once i got it back it was running nice and i didnt have any problems until 3 weeks and my car randomly started leaking water. me, my uncle, and grandpa took a look at it to see if we could find out the problem. we found out that the fan wasnt turning on when it was supposed to and only turned on when the ac turned on. soon after that the fan didnt turn on at all but still turned on when connected to the battary so the place we took the car to hooked up the fan for us so that it ran. but after that it still started to over heat so we took it to one of my family members who used to work on cars and said it was thermostat that didnt work. so we took that out and it still over heated.we finally decided to take it to a shop that works on radiators and the guy there reccomended that we buy a thermostat and buy k&w head gasket sealer. we put in the thermostat and put in the sealer. i took it for a spin yesturday needle for the tempature went up to about half way and went back down so it all seemed good.today tho ive been driving my car for about an hour to an hour and a half the most and when i got home from my last run the car was losing water like crazy just like it has before but the needle for the tempature didnt go up on me so idk whats happeneing now. me and my uncle are at a loss at what to do. weve changed the radiator,the spark plugs,the head gasket,the thermostat,we changed the fan switch,weve connected the fan directly,weve changed the radiator cap twice,we used a radiator flush, we got rid of the air bubbles in the car and we used the sealer.our last resort is the change the water pump because of all the stuff we have to do to get to the water pump.

has anyone had this problem before?does anyone know how to fix this?does anyone know why it might be losing water even after all weve done?please help idk what to do anymore.

thanks in advance.

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the problem here is that at the time the head gasket was changed someone should have recommended doing the timing belt, the belt tensioner and the water pump (all three are done together).


Before you go to great length with that you need to check your fuses. I know it sounds goofy, but there are more then one fuse related to your radiator fan, temp sensor and your thermostat. if the car is missing the diagram card search google for a good picture and crawl under the dash and pull each and every fuse and make sure the exact correct fuses are in the right place. Several fuses are not well marked as being part of the thermo system and you wouldn't think to check them.


Also, is your oil a milky color?

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have you check to see if any of the hoses are torn or have a hole?My car started overheating and losing water yesterday and i popped the hood and turns out some of my hoses(radiator n fuel injector hose) were worn out and had little rips in them.i took them off and replaced them and problem solved.

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