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88 accord ex-i problems


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so, after MONTHS of waiting, i finally got the accord.


It had been sitting since before march, so the interior, is just filled woth mold and mildew. no biggie, im replacing everything anyways.


oh, funny story too. my dad said that it needed an alternator and battery. charged the battery, started first go. even after sitting for months.


one thing im noticing tho. if i bring it past 3000 revs, the battery indicator starts to flicker. is that the alternator? it starts without any trouble or anything, so thats why im a bit confused.


any help would be great

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either alternator, wiring (rare) or its the alternator belt slipping... the light comes on when the charging system isn't working... but when you say its only after 3k, its probably the belt, start there (few bucks at a parts store) then if that doesn't fix it, altornator... or get the alternator tested... they can tell you at just about any store...

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