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Need Honda Accord Brake Pad Recommendations


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i have bought brake pads from the local auto parts stores for many years and i usually bought the average priced brake pads, but i was never happy with them.


2 years ago, i went to a mechanic and he put the brakes pads on for me and he ordered the brake pads from a auto part store that sold only to mechanics and i like these brake pads. I threw the box away and i don't know who the manufactorer is. I just remember that when i bought it, it said on the box that the manufactorer was a german company.


Can someone tell me which german brake pad manufacteror sells honda brake pads. I know it wasn't bosch.


Does the manufactorer write their name on the brake pads? i am thinking about taking the tires off and looking at the brake pads to see who the manufactorer is.


Also if you can recommend quality brake pads for honda accord 1991, that would be great.

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