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My new Honda Civic - 2010, LX Coupe. My first post/questions.


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Howdy guys and gals,


So I thought I would make my first post serve two distinct purposes.


First of all...My name is Jay and I'm from New England. I'm a first time Honda buyer. I'm a college student and a friend who I work with referred me to this site. I am NOT an expert on cars and in fact, my new Civic is the first car I've ever gotten the urge to add stuff to or learn more about.


I am a college student with a job so I bought this car with my own money. I was tired of driving my dad's Lincoln Navigator because I felt like a spoiled tool. So, I decided to get something much better on gas and a little more sensible and I settled on a 2010 Civic. The Coupe was attractive to me because of the two door design and interior layout.


I'm hard at work right now with a few ideas/projects underway for the car.


1. I'm getting some fog lights installed in the ports where fog lights go. My dealership wanted 600 dollars for the fog lights. I found a reputable shop in my area (who I'm familiar with) who will install any lights I buy for dirt cheap labor. i've heard you can install lights yourself...but I'm not confident in my abilities. Does anyone have any ideas for lights? I'm not a fan of the blue ones/8000k (is that what they are?) lights. I'm looking for the white, normal looking lights. Brands, websites to buy would be great!


2. I've found some awesome LED Strip DRL lights I'm having put in. I'm still kind of debating where to put them but I got them at a great price and will have them trimmed around the Fog Lights or something maybe?


3. I'm in the market to get a Nav system installed in dash for this car. I've talked to a guy at Bestbuy who said they can get almost any system into almost any car. Anyone know anything about putting Nav systems in a Civic LX Coupe? Any good brands/shops? I'm in Rhode Island if any other local owners are around.


Well, I'm excited to be here. Thanks for anything you might have to add and I'm looking forward to posting.



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welcome to the forum smile.gif


in my opinion, you should have bought the Si.. much better performance wise


as for the foglights, youre getting the yellow fogs right?

like these my friend has on his Si?



the LED strips.. mehh not my style, looks like a wanna be audi.. kind of ricey to me, but hey thats me


only belongs on a audi IMO



white HIDs would be 4000K if im not mistaken.. they have all kinds of HID kits on ebay, you just have to find out what kind goes in your car.. google should help you on that, i just went on google and typed in 2010 civic hid kit on google shopping and got 10+ pages of different kits..

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