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Accord 2001 EX Engine oil


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I was wondering if people can help me out diognose if this is a problem or not...


I have a 2001 Accord, EX 4Dr, 2.3L that i bought 8 months ago. Since then I have only changed the oil once, when i bought it. The car has put 1.5K miles since the oil change, maybe even a few hundred less than that. I didnt change the oil since I drive very little and right now only decided to change it since its been a few months and winter is coming (i live in minnesota so cold starts are a big deal).


Anyhow, I noticed today when I checked the stick that there was less oil than the top level, which is where it should have been (last oil change i checked that and it was at the top)...

now i would say its 1/4 (or just a tiny bit less) missing than it was when the oil was changed (when i saw 1/4, its a quarter of the distance between the top and bottom level on the stick)


I saw VTEC engines burn oil. I was thinking if my is an example of normal wear and tear or if it is too much?


Like I said, Ive not had the car for long, 8 months, and driven it almost 1.5k miles and this would be the second oil change since i got the car. the car doesnt have a leak, and i havent noticed any smoke from the engine.


do you think the engine has some problems? do you suggest i use some additive kind of stuff they sell at autostores, and if they even would help at all?


thanks for your help!

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Less than the top hole is fine. Less than the bottom hole I would top the oil off. The difference between the top and bottom hole is a quart of oil so at 1500 miles a 1/4 less isnt bad. And our engines do burn oil, especially when you're in VTEC. So use VTEC less and drive more conservatively.

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