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Hey all New Here


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Hey guys,


New here to the forum and actually pretty new to the tuner world. I know entry level stuff about it but i was hoping jumping on this forum will give me the oppurtunity to learn more. I never really had a car worth the while to do anything to until now. 2 weeks ago I bought a 95 Del Sol SOHC Vtec motor. car only have 103,000 milage so its still a baby. here she is!





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yepp it is a stick guys, dont worry. I wouldnt have gone any other way. I feel having a stick is the only true way to pull the power out of the car. Here are some more pics for you guys by the way! I was told by a buddy of mine that the engine that I have in there now is basically bulletproof and that I should build right off of it. Im starting small and going to work my way up slowly. Already bought an intake....UPS tracking says it should be here by the 25th:). next I plan on doing exhuust. Figured I would let my car "inhale" and "Exhale" before anything else. I dont plan on doing anything to the outside untill im done toying with the motor. Im not into the whole "well your car looks good but its about as fast as a pinto!" lol











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welcome to the forum..


car looks good.. but as far as a d16z6 being bullet proof, not really.. theyre good stater motors but if you plan on making big power you're going to need to do a swap unless you want to build the holy balls out of this one..


keep us posted on anything you do to the car and if you have any questions feel free to ask, we're here to help :)

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What would you recommend putting in here then? My buddy told me if i were to boost the motor that is in here, it will be pretty quick. the only thing that I have purchased for the car already is an intake...dam UPS delayed the delivery twice already.

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it depends on how deep your pockets are.. and how much power you want..


you could do... b20vtec, gsr, lsvtec, b16, k20, k24/k20, j32, h22, b17, zc, etc etc..


personally if you have deep pockets i would go with a k24/k20... those things are quick all motor, but the build will cost you... if you want something thats just decently quick keep your engine and boost it.. itll be cheaper and decently quick..

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where would i find a K20?

theyre everywhere on the internet or junkyards


try like colter said, hmotorsonline or craigslist, ebay... theyre everywhere.. im sure there probally are forums with people trying to sell k20's..

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