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Del sol overheating, bogging, and idle:


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Hello, i have a 1995 del sol, vtec (b16a3) i bout it about a year ago and all was fine with it then. Just recently (past month or so) it has been running hot a bit. I havent had a chance to dive into the engine yet, but i have been keeping water in it to keep it from over heating. I replaced the thermostat, but that doesnt seem to help. There is no crack in the radiator. After driving at normal speed (50 mph) for 5 minutes or so, it will start to bubble in the reservoir (it sounds almost like its boiling, but it seems to just be pushing air into it). A few days ago it started bogging down at high rpm's (4.5 - 6), to the point of cutting off. What could be causing this. Me thinks it could be the head gasket causing it to lose compression, but i would love a second opinion on this. Let me know if you need more information, THANKS

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thanks. I found some stuff that you put in the radiator and let it cook and what not

suppose to fix head gasket issues. im at least going to try that first

but i definately see a replacement coming soon


to be honest im sketchy about that stuff. a d series headgasket is only 50 bucks and youll need new head bolts. past that its fairly easy.

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