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They wont be even close to bolting on if that's what your asking.


I'm sure you could do it, but it would take a lot of custom work.


You would probably have to make your own rails and swap seat pans and a few other things

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wold 89 240sx seats fit a 97 honda civic i tried searching and i found nothing plz help me



I put 2005 RSX-Type S seats in my crx, i used OBX seat brackets I found on ebay, only $50, had to do a few minor modifications to make it work, nothing major, but now they are in, and firmly in, no wobbling, and also the doors shut without hitting outsides of seats, measure 240's and your current to see if they are near the same dimensions, I found what you need on ebay,

Item number is 390253647252, OBX seat brackets. Let me know.

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