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ok new to the world of honda im learning as i go i want to turbo my 94 del sol vtec my only proble wat all parts do i need to make it happen i mean i know the turbo of corse but wat else and also wich one is best for me is any one turbo better? help me out please also what is a good exhaust set up i have headers and muffler from skunk2 raceing but im not likeing the sound what sounds agressive wile still giveing me high air flow

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Sorry, but I have to agree with the OP, I think the Search feature here leaves a bit to be desired. I'm an experienced user of "search" on many forums and this one is not as good as many. That being said, I usually end up finding what I want, with application of a fair bit of patience. laugh.gif

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im a little late but if you need any help ill be glad to help with a boost setup for you :)


you have a del sol vtec as in B16A3 or a del sol Si that has a D16Z6 vtec engine?


oh and you better be prepared to spend some money if youre going to go boost the correct way and not the cheapass way..


and all the search search search talk is whats killing the forum.. actually stop and help someone in need so they can get the answer they are looking for.. instead of telling them to search and it end up killing the forum..



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