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first time engine swap

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ok so i have a 96 civic dx. this car came with no power steering and come to think of it the car has power nothing. it currently has a d16y7 engine in it and everything is stock. i would like to build a high performance civic while i am in college. i need to know where to start and any ideas would be greatly appreciated. i need to know how to find out what engines will fit in my car and what transmissions to use. where do i find this information.

would it bee worth it to just buy a high performance engine rebuild kit and keep the block i already have.

if so can i get racing gears to rebuild the transmission or would it be better to just get a new transmission..and where do i find one to fit?


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First things first, building a high performance car while in college? teeehehehehe.


Second thing, check out the engines/tuning/upgrades and swaps section. There's a lot of stuff in there. As for swapping, it all depends on what kind of power you want.


Some people will say just to boost the motor you have. Others (like me) would say get a stronger power plant to begin with, such as a b series swap.


A lot of this will depend on how much youre going to spend. If you only have a couple grand, then most likely just build and boost what you have.

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muchly agreed with colter..


you have a honda.. pretty much anything that is another honda inline will fit.. B, K, J, H, F etc etc.. it just depends on what you can afford..


i would say if you want good power for the money go with a b swap.. theyre not too awefully expensive and there is a HUGE amount of parts that you can buy for it.. plus alot of people have done the swap so there are ALOT of writeups on the internet to make your swap just that much easier..

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