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Del Sol front spoiler - rigid


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Does anyone know if anyone out there makes a rigid front spoiler for Del Sol's? I am talking fiberglass maybe even wood, just kidding. I have seen the carbon fiber ones and I don't want to spend the $386.00+. I


tried looking up front spoilers on the net and all I get is full body kits with the full fascia front end. I trashed the urethane one I bought on e-Bay. You have to have like 16 arms to hold it in place and after all the lining up and taping and crap the thing was about 3" too wide and the only sympathy I got from the seller was that he would tell the manufacturer for me that it did not fit...anyway I do not drive up on curbs or parking blocks so I don't care if it is fiberglass I just want someting hard, I mean rigid I mean, not so floppy and limp.

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im getting that lip.. but im painting my sol different color.. even better >:]


will be a while before i paint but itll be done the correct way, completely bare shell with no body panels when i paint :)

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i have a polyurithane ITR style lip from egay.. got it for $55 shipped :)


they also have the Fugen (fake mugen) lip for the same price..







Actually I took your advice when I posted here I was shopping for one and you noted it was an ITR so did I get bent over by the e-Bay seller when he sent me something as floppy as wet cardboard? The painter who installs body kits and I and his helper worked for almost an hour trying to lay it up to try to attach it to the body before we all said F---K it, mother f---er. Thought about using it for target practice. It pisses me off just thinking about it I could go out to the garage and take a machete to it.


I should know when I read the auction on e-Gay as you call it. and it reads" Here one spiolur for you cool to make car Del Slo. It can you to painting it to match anyting and the girls she likes it to for seeing it on you car cool Del Slo of the Honda kind"...yeh I always know it has to be some former third world dim sum bender trying to be a tycoon and like a true 'tard I Paypal it!!!!!!

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^^^ You might wanna try a civic ex lip. I have one on my car and it's perfect for my tastes. Subtle but very clean.




Not my car but you get the idea.




Yeh, that is what I thought I had bought but I would have been better off making one from papier mache'!

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Yeah try searching for front 'lip' rather than spoiler.


And as Stevo pointed out you can always get an oem one from a civic.


OK I'll give that a try...I guess I am still stuck inthe 70's or something when they called them spoilers front and rear...so, spoil her in the rear, lip her in front??? Wow I have no excuse for that comment, not even tourettes or by reason of mental defect.

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