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older hondas


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I consider 1987 "newish". You let me down, I saw the title and was hoping for 1972 or older.


Used to own a 1986 Honda Accord LX sedan. It had Graphite exterior and grey interior. I believe the kids nowadays call my beloved graphite color: gunmetal. Silver and graphite have always been my favorites. There's nothing sexier than a Silver 1982 Honda Civic 1300 CVCC with a maroon interior.



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Honda historians put all Honda's pre-1988 into the classic bracket. "classic" or not that is the general divisor.


I have been shopping for a 72-79 Civic for some time now. Not for something to preserve but something to modify and rebuild so my target product is something reasonably clean body but does not need to be operational for under $1000. I can find dozens of viable choices, but they are all in CA and NV and impractical to purchase and ship.


Speaking of classic Accords, a 79 CVCC with a clean body was on eBay yesterday with a BIN of 650. Interior was worn and aged but worth every penny of $650 for a west coaster. Needed carb replaced or rebuilt but otherwise would have been ready to drive in only a few hours work.


*sigh* the pisser of living in Ohio with winter snow and salt. Everything is a rust bucket after 5 years.

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I don't really see why 1988 would be a date to mark the difference between classic and modern. I feel pre-1972 Hondas are the classics; this was the era of Soichiro Honda when Honda was fighting over market-share within a segment dominated by MG and BMC. When Soichiro Honda relinquishing the creative reigns of the company in 1971/72, the Honda we know today was born.


Perhaps, Honda is better defined by four distinct eras: pre-1972 Hondas are the antiques, 1972-1984 Hondas are the classics, 1985-1999 Hondas are of the modern age, and 2000+ are of the post-modern age.


1985 marked the birth of Honda DOHC and PGM-Fi, c.f. 1985 Honda CRX Si, 1985 Honda Quint Integra, & 1986 Honda CRX 1.6i-16.

2000 marked the birth of the K-series motor, c.f. 2000 Honda Stream


I'm not sure if the K-series will mark the beginning of an era, its only a guess on my part; only time will tell


Perhaps we will mark the true post-modern age when Honda begins to sell direct injection motors or if we all go electric one day.

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