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should i buy this part?


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hi gang


recently i was stopped by the cops at one of thoes makeshift inspection station for not having my car reinspected.the problem was the emissions had to be replaced and it could only be replaced at a nj certified repair center not at a reg

-ular repair place.to have it replaced would cost me 390.00 total..if i buy the part in a walk in store would i save anyth

-ing money wise if i went that way?the car is 20004 2 door civic.trhanks



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If you go to a shop and pay to have everything installed the shop is making money on selling you the parts as well as the labor. If you walk in the shop with your own parts the shop will make nothing on parts, obviously, and usually will charge more for labor to install everything. If you are just having basic stock replacement parts installed just go with what the shop offers.


Before you shell out your money call a couple competing places and get some competitive quotes. Tell them you are price shopping and often they will undercut someone else if you have a printed quote from that first place.

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