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1994 Accord starting issue


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I've posted previously about some running and starting issues I have been having with my 94 Accord LX. I cleared up all of the running issues after replacing the ignition switch. The no start problem still persists though, and seems to be getting worse. I learned that what I had to do to get it to start was turn the key to "on", wait for the check engine light to come on, and then wait until I heard the fuel pump cycle and turn off. The check engine light would also go off at that time and the engine would fire up. At first this would happen in a few seconds and was no problem.


Lately though, the fuel pump doesn't cycle immediately. I have replaced the fuel pump relay and still no help. Sometimes the check engine light doesn't even come on right away, it just kind of lights dimly, then after it comes on I have to sit there with the key turned to "on" for a few minutes, and then I hear it cycle. It only does this after sitting overnight. If I am using the car during the day it will fire up time after time.


My suspicions are that the fuel pump is going out and is sticking on that initial start up every day, but once it frees up it works. Does that make sense, or is there something else I should be looking at before I drop the tank and replace it? You guys have been a great help before, and I thank you for that.




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