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Squeaky squeaky


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I'm not to technical with car part names, but I have a '93 Accord EX and the right front squeaks like no other when I turn or just go down the road. There are some bushings I think that have gone bad. Is that the case from your experience? How easy would it be to replace on my own? Would I need any special tools? Need it aligned afterwards?

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If it is a suspension bushing - on a day where you notice the squeaking (sometimes the weather can make them not squeak) push up and down on the affected corner of the car. If it squeaks then it is probably a worn bushing.


Special tools, maybe. Different bushings are held in by different methods. In many cases the originals were installed hot, so you have to use a press of some sort or you have to cut them out. Aftermarket replacements usually install a little easier and either have to be pressed in, or come as a two piece design and the bolt that goes through the bushing holds it together.


In a pinch I have pressed in and out bushings on my control arms using a vice and a couple heavy duty sockets. If you are resourceful you won't need a real press, or you can take it to your local NAPA and pay them to do it. Mine here in town charges a nominal fee if you buy the parts from them.

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