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93 civic si weird noise and idle problem


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i got a 93 civic si and just recently had a newer d16z6 put in and i got it back and it doesn't wanna idle right like when you have a bad (icv) but the guy that put it in said he cleaned it and said the sound i was hearing the "clink" was from the vtec solinoid but I wouldn't think it would make any sounds unless vtec was engaged(5500). can anyone idenify what it could be? I have three videos on youtube heres one

this is the one you can hear it when i rev. but it does it at idle when cold up to twenty minutes of driving. Then when warm it doesn't seem to do it as much or when i try to film it (lol) when i start it it revs to 3 grand and stays for a while (When cold) then seems really rough when it tried to idle... also the #2 spart plug seems to push its way out. the weird thing is when i get on the freeway and take off hard it seems to run great till idle.the first video you only need to listen to the first 10 seconds or so... here the second video>>>
... i know you might not be able to hear it but i figured its worth a try...any advise is appreciated...thanks again!!! ps the motor suposedly has 30-60k miles and i know the head has a 95' stamp so i know the is at least a 95...need any more info email me at Rycivic91@yahoo.com also i'll try to post another vid tomorrow...
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