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Anyone Interested in Getting a Local Meet?


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Well, i know this forum is just getting rolling, but we need meets! thats why we are all into this! we love cars, and like to talk about them!


Well, here's the questions:




These can be track days/meets or whatever.


If anyone is in MA/NY area, there is a track i go to every week, and it is a great place to hold meets. Throw out opinions, options and locations.



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who knows. I will try to fry the tires a bit better to help me cut better short times. I hope so. Almost there. My traps 2 weeks ago were way high for my ET, so just a hair less to the 60' and I'll be there.

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13.18 @ 111.24 w/ 2.15 60'

I like the mph, but the short times suck.

After the 7th run, I blew the damn head gasket. )= No over heating, though. Yay.

I guess my 12s will have to wait a few weeks. :mad:

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