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Demons New Sale Thread


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have a bunch of parts for EG civics that i need to get rid of. some are for hatches some are for all 92-95.


EG hood good condition, no rust. color is Si blue. - $50



EG rear bumper usable condition.

------(3 of the seats for the screws are ripped open but bumper still mounts and stays secure) gloss black -$20



set of EG tail lights(comes with spare right side tail light and right side reverse light) - $35 or $30 without the spare 2 lights



EG HATCH gate seal great condition - $15



OEM D16z6 flywheel(will fit all D series motors) - $40



EG Hatch license plate lights, bulbs, wiring, key arm, gate handle, gate mounts, and the brackets that secure the hatch from coming down too far - $15 for all of it



Grey EG Hatch gate cover(inner) - $10



rear bumper foam insert with plastic piece - make offer



if you would like additional pics just email me and ask. or txt/call at 740 253 6696



***Do not reply to this with spam or how you made thousands of $ on google. I dont care, so take your scams and bs somewhere else.






Up for sale is by G36 E2 Airsoft gun by TSD/SRC. Out of the box stock it shot a verified 380 fps. After getting the gun it was upgraded by myself, all work was done to professional quality. Ive been airsofting for years but now have nobody that likes to play anymore. So my baby is up for sale. All parts were shipped from Airsoft GI in California. The upgrades are the following:


G36 E2(this is the full size version)Version 3 Gearbox

Steel Gears(came stock with them)

Steel Bushings(came stock)

G&G White Polycarbonate Piston

G&G Explosive Piston Head

PDI 170% spring

G&G Ver. 3 Spring Guide with bearings

Systema Hop Up Bucking

Echo 1 H Nub(have a spare to go with it)

Intellect 9.6V 1600 mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery

HiTech Smart Charger with 2 charge settings and trickle charge

Systema Metal Shim Set

Gearbox Spring Set

#14 O Ring



Stock piston/piston head/spring(these are connected like a toki mauri setup) spring is attached directly to the piston and piston head.

-for a stock piston this is a very high quality piston.

Stock hop up bucking and nub

Stock Spring Guide and O ring


The AOE(Angle Of Engagement) has been fixed by myself, it is perfect. It was fixed with Neoprene washers to save weight and enhance durability/ The second tooth of the piston has been shaved down to ensure proper engagement and extended piston life.


Despite only having a PDI 170% spring this gun shoots at 395 fps. which is still legal in all outdoor fields.


***the gun needs a semi auto cutoff lever($12) you can get them at any airsoft store. the gun will sometimes lock up in semi auto. all it takes is a quick shot on full auto and it fixes the problem. i played this past weekend with it and it did great. no misfeeds, no jams, feeds smoothly and shoots straight and hard




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