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Accord Transmission


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Ok so my 91 auto accord ex 4 cyl. was having a hard time accelerating when I was going to oreilly auto parts to get a power steering pulley for another car. When I got home i went inside trying to look up why it was doing that. Once I went back outside to see if it was still having trouble accelerating I noticed it wouldnt switch gears at all no matter how hard i pushed down on the brake. The sport light kept turning on and off but it still wont switch out of park.

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Check the shift cable by detaching it from the transmission and working it back and forth at the shift level (inside the car). If it moves freely then good if not then pull the according boot back at the end of the shift cable and apply a generous amount of ATF (you can use an baby medicine dropper) and work the cable again (repeat until it is free or if it does not free then replace the cable).


If it is not the cable then check the brake pedal electronic sensor behind the brake pedal to see if it is not sensing that you are applying the brake, thus not allowing you to take it out of park. It may be that there is other issues with the trany causing your poor acceleration but it sound like you may have two different problems, so start with basic diagnosis of the shifting issue first.





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