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Honda Engine In Need


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I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX that is in need of a new engine. Please let me know if you are selling a engine or know where I can buy one.

I can be reached at brandon_denver@hotmail.com



Thank you,


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I have a JDM D15B for sale. It needs some parts though. I'll include the tranny with it as well. Where are you located?

I am located in Westminster,CO. I have a good tranny with a new cluth already so am in need of a engine only. How much are you asking and can I get more info on the engine?

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How much for just the engine since my tranny is in good condition? Also can I get more info on the engine. Thanks


he is selling a b series engine... you have a d series tranny... therefore you need to buy his tranny as well

d and b series arent compatible with eachother... btw my cousin is selling a d16y7 engine... idk for how much but ill ask

im in cali though so im not sure how the shipping is going to work out... might not even be worth you buying it if the shipping is too much

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