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well i new to hondaforums and just wanted to get on here and see what ppl are doing across the country and have ppl to talk to and ask question. that way i can learn more and more. but my name is trae i drive a 94 delsol si with a b16a swap. not done much for engine parts at this time but intake and catback exhaust. lowerd on h&r springs,bloxs lca, benen rear tie bar. thats about all but still have more work to do and alot more money to spend. but yea thats it thank you

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^ true story.. or i could just drive to his house and help him out.. LOL!!


yes, i got another person to join HF :)



sure he did i just wanted to be able to talk to anyone and everyone that loves honda and enjoys working on there on car so yea but yea thats all i got

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