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00 honda problem


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okay. here are my problems, i can't for the world figure out wat they are, they're more of an annoying problem then anything else. the first and most annoying problem is when i crank my car, after it's been ran to normal operating temperature and set up for about 15 min or more it will start at a real low idle, (sometimes it will die), and then pick up to normal rpms, when it dies i have to push the accelerator pedal about half way down to make it start up faster, or i can crank on it for about 8 seconds or less and it will crank up. but when i crank it in the mornings after it set up all night it starts fine (most of the time) i can't figure it out. the second problem is; sometimes when i crank it up in the mornings (dead cold start) it will surge to 3000 rpms and then cut off and go back to 1500 then surge again. i can make it stop by holding it at 3000 rpms for alittle while. and the third problem. which seems to be the least annoying (because it makes it seem like it has more power lol) is when i crank it up after it's been ran and set for awhile (after i get off work for example) it will crank up and run at 1000 to 1300 rpms, even when i put it in drive (while it's still cold). i really need some help with this, so far i''ve tried adjusting the idle screw (didn't affect it), cleaning the iacv (didn't work), flushed and refilled the coolant system, replacing the throttle body gasket. also i can unplug the iacv valve and the idle will surge. . .(go up to 3000rpms, cut off, and then back to 1500, and repeat continiously) (i think when it's cold and hot) i hope someone can help me. my car is a 00 Honda Accord v6 ex. I have a cold air intake (k&n filter), dual catback exhaust, all new fuel injectors, ngk iridium spark plugs, and a helix performance throttle body spacer<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">00 Honda Accord V6 3.0L EX 2dr AT<BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">this seemed to start after i put on the spacer, but i took it off and put a new throttle body gasket on it (config back to before it started) and ran it for awhile and it didn't fix it, so it's not a leak around the throttle body, (vaccum leak is outta the question i think, and the cel has never came on that detected a problem.)

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did you check you fuel reg or system it may be faulty or something with the intake of air does it diesel when shut it iff tho i know it shouldnt but things happen stuff gets sticky also check fuses for air fuel and idle control also may be the fuse port itself gummy ir corroded

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