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EK SideSkirts 4 My DA9


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they have screw holes in the bottom.

just use really strong double sided tape i guess.


i dunno bout that!! I got some Side Skirts from a 4dr CIVIC DX, so far im likin them better than the ek! compliments my lip more.


I went 2 my local junk yars yesterday, couldnt find sh*t for my car! all the DA's out there were stripped of everything! i couldnt find a matching set of ANYTHING! i was gonna take the side skirts from a PRELUDE... couldnt get em off though!! Until i saw the DX.. they looked good!!

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Lol @ double sided tape. I'd go to your local bodyshop and see what they'd use to bond sideskirts...


thnx SEB excellent idea! i shall give em' a call...


you know ive ran over a side skirt or 2 sittin in the middle of road b4, it was late @ nite all sudden WTF was that?? dude probably used double sided tape....hahaha

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too bad the 4 door civic is the same as the hatch, just a little longer.

and yes real strong double sided tape works just fine.

my friend had a wings west kit and that was on some of it as well as screw holes for the bottom.


what do you think the body shop is gonna say? same sh!t.

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