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Rust in brake rotor won't go away


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My 2004 Accord had all new brakes put in about 18 months ago. About 3 months ago I started to notice rust on the left rear rotor, even after driving the car every day. The other 3 wheels get rust when wet, etc., but after I drive the car the rust clears up on those wheels. Suspecting a bad caliper or clogged line I jacked up the car and had my wife step on the brake while I turned the wheel. Whenever she pushed on the brake, the wheel locked up, so it appears the brakes are working. I am at a loss to explain why the rust will not go away only on this one rotor.


Anybody have any ideas on this ?.

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There could be rust build up under the shims and if that was not removed when the car was serviced then the pads may not be sitting flush on the rotor. This typically does not cause a pulsation (especially on the rear) but can cause the surface not to clean its self and thus the beginning of a rusty rotor. Other common sources are the caliper slide pins were not properly serviced and less likely the piston is partially seized.


The only other cause could be that it is a cheap aftermarket rotor and they are typically only good for a couple of rears, especially on the rear of your generation Accord. They do not have the best rear disk set-up and it is not uncommon for that generation to "eat" the rear brakes up.


Just some foo for thought. Good luck.



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