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i finally figured it out !!!

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D-SERIES t25 turbo setup


HF MANIFOLD - off 88-91 crx hf / 92-95 civic cx/vx $ 130.00 ebay

HF to t25 flange $ 50.00 ebay

garrett t25 turbo off 95-98 eagle talon tsi/awd or eclipse awd $ 150.00 local salvage yard

dsm 450cc injectors $ 84.00

hks bov $ 110.00

crx resistor box $ 35.00 ebay

F.M.I.C & piping $ 150.00 ebay

walbro fuel pump $ 105.00

chipped ecu $ 175.00 xenocron

oil take off adapter $ 25.00 xenocron

oil return & feed line kit $ 50.00 ebay


total $ 1,064.00


so this is the setup ill be using . i figured i would post it up so people could have an idea of the price of this setup. this is about the most it should cost i'll be saving a few bucks by getting most my parts threw a local salvage yard, you could do the same . from this setup you can expect 50+ HP gain with a street tune more with a dyno tune . ill know when im done. im going into have my car dyno'd sometime within the next 2-3 weeks and again after boosted ill be able to give a more accurate HP increase

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Nice stuff. Be sure to let us know what kinda figures you get out of it before n after! I wanna get my D15b boosted at some point...(although a bit worried about reliability...)


from what ive read the stock internals are good for upto 240 hp ( i not sure if thats to the crank or the wheels ) . either way as long as your staying around or under 200-220 whp you should be fine. this setup at 7-8 psi should put you at 160ish WHP with a good tune. ill throw the slips up .


here's a site that helped my decision a little . but mainly hours of research , theres some pretty impressive numbers put down with this setup.



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