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98 accord trans issue


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I have a 98 Accord,auto trans,4cyl.

When the car is first driven the trans does not want to shift out of 1st gear,when it does it is a slightly harder shift than normal.Does not do it after being driven a while.Trans was rebuilt when previous owner had car, approx. 3 years ago.

It also makes a noise at idle in park and neutral that goes away when in gear,sounds like a bad bearing, for lack of better description.


Any ideas ? Torque converter, trans,bad rebuild?


Thanks for looking

Mike T

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The obvious first question: Have you checked the fluid level? And when you did was the fluid a clear pink color or was it a dirty brown or grayish?

Fluid level is fine,fluid was changed 5,000 miles ago, before this started happening.


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Sadly, automatic transmissions are something I have almost no experience with so I am not going to be much more help.


For the record: Honda apparently had quite a few issues on and off with the transmissions in your generation of Accord.

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