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Drop without Coilovers


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Any method you use to lower your car you will need to get a new alignment afterwards. It will only wear your tires down if you do not get it aligned. People also get camber kits to have more adjustment to prevent this as well.


If you want a set height just get a springs/shocks setup. If you want to be able to adjust your height and get it just right, get a set of coilovers.

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I wanted to know If i could drop my 94' EJ without purchasing coilovers. Mainly because at my dad's Shop, they said coilovers mess up alignments and wear the tires down. I will post pics of my car soon, but i Want to read any inputs.. Thanks


No offense, but I would beware of anything your father or his coworkers tells you if that was what they actually said. It's kin to someone saying that you will wear down the brakes if you use them.



Anything you do to modify your car will have some sort of negative consequence which you will either have to live with or put forth the money or effort to correct it. Such as changing a vehicles height puts the alignment out. If you make a minor change it can be corrected with a simple alignment, a major height change you will need aftermarket parts or at the very least a few spacers to correct the angle.


Same thing goes with installing air intakes, or larger tires, or turbo kits or whatever. There are always pros and cons, but that doesn't mean you should not do it just because there are negative effects.

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