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Installation of foglights


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Hi everyone,


I have been browsing this forum for information for a long time and i finally decided to make an account today. So thanks for having a great forum for all my needs.


I have a 2009 Accord and i recently purchased the foglight kit from www.hondapartswarehouse.com (by the way that site is great i have purchased many O.E.M. accesories from them for dirt cheap, and they offer free shipping)


The foglight kit can be seen here http://www.hondapartswarehouse.com/Productdetail.asp?MCId=20&SCId=1&PId=1601&modelyear=2008-2010


Im just curious if anyone has a link to installation instructions, the ones listed on that website are kind of old. These are scheduled to come in tomorrow and i am hoping i will be able to do it myself.



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