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I want to get a body kit for my 95 Honda Accord 4 door.

Something cheap not boxy cause that just looks retarded.

It has to be sleek.

Give me your opinions on this body kit.




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That kid doesn't look too bad, it's fairly simple, which is good. Just don't get anything too garish looking if u go for a kit! Not 100% on the front bumper, but the sides and rear look pretty nice.


And by the way, EVERYBODY on here will tell you not to get a kit, because they are pretty much all haters of any kind of aesthetic mod, unless it's a lip kit. Don't listen to them, well, not too much anyway, it's your car, u can do wtf u want! Just keep the original bumpers so that you can put them back on if needed if u wanna sell the car. N just remember to keep it clean (and I don't mean wash it once a week, I mean keep a clean style to it).


Thanks for the heads up Seb. I was looking for a lip kit but they're not as easy to find. Plus I would have to lower my car and its not really as noticeable as i want. The Box shaped wide body kits just disgust me they make cars look horrible.

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Indeed... I wonder how much shipping would be over to the UK though. As the price I can get a front bumper and sideskirt, is cheaper than it cost me for just a front bumper from the shop I used in the UK before.


Sorry for the complete thread hi-jack by the way!


Lol its all good. You better check shipping rates before you start going crazy and buying everything on this site lol.

I like the back bumper on the kit I want to get but from the picture it looks like the muffler hole is on the opposite side which kind of scares me lol

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