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s2000 antenna


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I don't know anyone who's done it personally, but I have heard it works well and looks great.


I've not seen anyone do that. It would look good, but I wonder how the S2000 piece would fit since it is meant to mount more on top of the fender rather than on the side. I'd really like to see if anyone has photos of this.

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I beleive Honda tech has a write up on it.





I did this from a $20 replacement from auto zone. It took some shaving down the rubber to get it to fit. It doesn't let water in and it comes with a signal amp that I wired to my power wire for my sub amp.

Since our cars sit so low we don't get great reception with out a tall antenna. The signal amp helps alot.



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id definetly like to see a write it up on it.



It took a few hours of trial and error. I don't have the time to redo it for a write up.


Basically just play with it. Till u think it looks good. My wife thought I was crazy spending all that time for an atenna.

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