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cxracing turbo kit???

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opinions plz... i have a 93 delsol s and am considering buying one of theese turbo kits. ive read on here thier radiators are good but does anyone know about thier turbos ??? heres a link to the kit.... http://www.cxracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?S...-CIVIC-D-IC0051


this is another possible kit... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...id=260483343722

also if anyone knows of a cheap quality D-Series turbo kit any info would be greatly apprieciated ... thanks in advance

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i was going to get that exact same kit on ebay for my 93 sol and was advised against it,

"okay i know that turbo kit youre looking at




that ebay turbo kit is terrible. they are built with poor craftsmanship and its a waste of your money. if you really want to boost your car, check out the Engine/Tuning/Upgrades/Swaps section of the forum and read through the pinned threads at the top."

(airjordan223 8/16/09)


instead was sent here:



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this is a decent suggestion jesse , but idk if its gonna be in my price range . thats why i was asking about the cheaper ones . altho i might say screw the body work this year and just go with that kit , if i do go with that kit would some 440cc rc injectors be enough with a tune ofcourse for fuel management ? or would i need more ? i only plan on running 7-8 p.s.i tops...


opinions plz...

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