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Binding in my transmission...please help

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So I finally got my swap all done and the exhaust good to go today. The only problem I'm having with my swap now is when I turn I get a binding noise coming from the trans.


At first I thought it was the axles, but after going thru 3 sets of axles (last set came off another prelude) I'm starting to suspect maybe the planetary gears in the LSD.


I have a 1998 Honda Prelude Type SH. I pulled my engine and trans and swapped in a JDM H22A with a factory LSD trans. My swap came with the halfshaft also. The car

drives fine in a straight line, but as soon as turn i get this horrible binding noise. it only happens in gear under acceleration. As soon as i pull it out of gear or put my foot

on the clutch, it goes away. If I put the car on a lift it will not make this binding noise either. It also doesn't appear to do it in reverse.


Tomorrow morning I'm going to pull the transmission and take it apart to see what I can find. In the event I can't get this trans running tomorrow, does anyone know

for a fact if i can put my USDM transmission (that came off the prelude SH) on my JDM swap without any problems?


Any help is greatly appeciated.


Thanks in advance.

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