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im not going to suggest because4 i dont have a vast knowledge


but i did have skunk2 coilovers

and they were kinda rough

but did the job very well


good luck


Thanks, I am also looking into Eibach. the ride wont matter to me, I just want it slammed to the ground! lol. oil pan, meet pavement :)

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I picked out my kit:


Eibach Pro-Street-S Kit adjustable coilovers

part #4018.711


I think the price is around $1200. Whew, hefty price! (but should be worth it)


They can lower from 0.8" - 3"


I don't think I'm going to be getting coils, my suspension is still in good shape (the car only has 47,000 miles), so I'm going to save the money. I might get a strut bar, for extra support around those turns that I take too fast LOL.


I really need new tires though, and I'm looking at Pirelli P4s or Dunlop SP 60s (leaning toward P4).

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