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My '99 EK Hatch


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This is my first car, also learned to drive stick in it.

It has a stock D16Y7 in it.

It has no rust, paint job has a few small nicks and scratches.

118k miles on odometer

The only upgrades it has are;

Enkei Rims

Pioneer radio reciever

Alpine speakers







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Thanks, but a drop is not practical, my car sleeps at the bottom of a steep hill at night.

Every time I pull out, my front and rear will scrape the ground if I do. At stock height, I only have about 2" clearance from ground when im pulling out of my driveway as it is. If I remember, ill get some pics.

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ah sorry to hear that. If it's a DD i wouldn't even bother with an exhaust. Loud exhaust get annoying after a few months on a car you drive every single day. Hope you don't plan on going on any kind of long drives on the highway... like... ever. Unless you can get it muffled to the point where it's barely noticeable. If so, go for it.

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