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acura w/ honda f22b1 replacment

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i've got a 94 integra with a 96 accord f22b1 locked up engine in it and today i bought a f22b6 engine because the man at the salvage yard said all parts are interchangeable but when i started working on it the headers off the f22b1 wouldn't fit so i'm thinking the intake wont either. am i right about this? are the heads interchangeable? should i just return it spend a little more $ and get a f22b1 if i can find one?

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im not sure on the fittments but i would have went with b1 from the beginning. good luck finding out a solution



yeah i guess i'll have to take this back and come up with some more moolaw or hope this place can make it right and i wont have to spend any more money.oh and are the honda and acura wire harness the same not that it matters due to it already being converted but you know how curiosity is.

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im not sure, but with that old b1 engine that is locked up, try taking the spark plugs out and spraying pb blaster down in the holes. it freed up our old ford truck



yeah i've done that with alot of v8's but when i pulled the plugs the cylinders were soaked in oil and the oil on the dip stick was full of water. :( tried to break it loose even tried pulling it and poppin the clutch

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