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New to the site, and need help!


Which car for first car?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • 1989-1991 Civic Hatch
    • 1991 ( and similar models) Honda CRX

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First off, I just wanted to say Hi. I am 17, and got my license this last friday, and now I have the task of finding a cheap, fun, 5 speed car, that wont kill me on insurance and repair cost. I have come up with a few Ideas, But I am not familiar with hondas AT ALL. I have been working on cars for quite a while (mostly toyotas at a dealership) and i would like to accomplish more then one thing with the purchase of my first car.


1) gain knowledge on more vehicles, and be able to work on more then one brand


2) Have fun!


I have narrowed the idea down to 2 vehicles. The 91 Honda CRX, and the 89-91 Civic Hatch. As said, I know nothing about these things, so it would be great if you could all please assist me in learning things such as, engine swaps, dependability etc.


Thank you!


I will create a poll for you to say what YOU think will be better as well!



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haha thank you for your vote. Are there any reasons I should get the Civic over the rex? ( I want something that can be made to look decent in the summer, as where I live we have some pretty heavy snow lol)

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haha dont worry, ill probably post to many pictures, and people will get sick of the car. What qualities make a del sol such a great car??? Are they Rear wheel drive? and cheap to insure? SOrry for asking so many questions lol :crazy:

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no worries

we welcome all questions and pictures


del sols are just great

awesome gas mileage, insurance, and quite stylish.


of course this opinion is quite bias because i love my sol.


and if you do get one, do yourself a favor and go ahead and get the vtec if possible

and of course 5 speed.


only downside is they are front wheel drive, which isnt THAT bad

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yeah if youre looking at two doors you should look into del sols. they are somewhat rare (not really, but less common than hatchbacks and crxs)


the roof comes off, the rear window rolls down, the seats are really comfortable and theres actually a lot of leg room

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im 6'4 and a good 200 lb and i fit quite nice

although my head kind of hits the roof when i go over bumps, but its not that bad lol


you can look through some of the threads on the del sol side and get the idea of all it has to offer

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depends on the model, there is S, Si, or VTEC


heres some basic info on the del sol




check the pinned topics in each car section, it will have threads with basic knowledge of the cars and FAQs

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Initially I narrowed it down for a few reasons.


1) I love hatch backs, and I prefer to only have one person with me while driving ( where the CRX comes to play, because that bench is kind of a joke)


2) If I want to do something, a hatch seems super easy to load stuff into


3) Its a first car, So I dont want anything that is to stylish


4) PArts are interchangeable ( well some). Ive noticed the the front end on the Civic, and the CRX are quite similar


5) And lastly, there are lots of simple upgrades you can do, that will make the car more fun


Just looking at practicality!

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I know its a civic CRX... lol


but still, how is a del sol so much better.. I costs more to buy, and I still dont see anything magical other then the removable top. BTW, The trunk space in our 92 tercel is great (more then our 89 oldsmobile) but.. well, i dont know, I like hatch backs lol

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I guess it my way of remembering them... =S hopefully didint offend anyone.


They dont look like a bad little car, its just that almost every kid at my school seems to have an EG. I like to be different... I dont like following common trends to much.

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Have you driven in very many convertibles? Do you notice how the wind tends to beat the hell out of you? With the Sol you dont get that hardly at all! Largely due to do with the rear electric window! The air goes over the top of your head and out the back window. Also if a sudden rain storm comes up and you are on the freeway, little or mno water gets on you or in your car! (Happened to me) Want to get a few looks? Try getting out at a red light popping your top and putting it in the trunk. Then also I had a couple girls laughing and saying I was going to get soaked, so I hoped out and did the opposite. :o


With your price range you should be able to get a decent SI model, or a Vtec model in need of some TLC.:thumbsup:


Like I said once you own a Sol, Rex's do nothing for you, at least not me, and I have had 3 of them.

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You know what, I think I like the sounds of that. Sure, it may be around 2000-2500 more for a decent sol, but ill probably like it longer then a CRX. And maybe even more then a Hatch.


So, now the search is on for a cheap sol, that I can swap a B18 into, some Coilovers, and some 16" wheels!


Keeping my options open though!


Thanks everyone, this has been a great informative thread so far.


If there are any other things I should know,. feel free to post!

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Yeah, I dont think I would mind this:



Very nice indeed! Now just because I love the Sol, I tend to get over a few things that are a little annoying.

1. Cup holders are a joke!

2. Targa seals tend to leak, but on my 2 that I have owned hardly ever! Try to find a 95-97 with the updated seals, and keep them conditioned!

3. Sun visors are Ghey as hell! You can replace with JDM ones to cure that!

4. Road noise, but again I will be sound deadening my Sol. Besides with top off 90% of the time....... :thumbsup:

5. 4X4 stock height! >_<







Some one else can supply more I am sure! All cars have things that could be better, and most of these can be taken care of easily!


Click VVVV Just a few things that are easy and fun to do, although unless you are on strict budget, I would never polish a set of rims!!!! :crazy:

Few little things you can do

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