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spring problems...help?

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i just put in some tein S. tech springs today, works fine i love them, but the front springs are slipping or something when i turn the wheel. its like they are not turning with the strut? it makes an annoying clunking noise and dont sound to healthy for the car so anyone know how to fix it?

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Hmmm...that's weird because I have the same issue with my Eibachs.


My mechanic said they didn't come with bearings, and the stock ones don't fit.


I've been driving on them for almost 2 years now and haven't had any issues besides the noise. But let me know if you find some bearings.

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well i fixed the problem, the spring wasnt on right apparently cause i took the whole strut appart and put it back together and made sure it was all right and it fixed it.


but what are you talking about with ball bearings? mine dont have that? but in the upper mount on the strut theres a peice that has bearings in it but thats all stock...

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yea all my struts and shocks are stock exept the springs on em. i acually discovered the bearings by accident...i was taking the upper mount off and the peice holding them in came out and i had to put them all back in one by one. not fun :dry:


but yea mine work just fine now no problems. you might wanna do what i did and take the springs back off and check to see if theyre in there right.

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