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heater, A/C control removed


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what are you hoping to end up with here

more light and blue light.is the same thing with gauges.

the heater control did not work properly, meaning the lights.

i can´t put pictures sorry ... next post will be with pics

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hey guys

now i am waiting for the leds and the conversion from 12v to 7,5v.

it´s not so hard to remove it i´ll put pictures from the begining till the end.

hope the leds will arrive today, like this i can put all parts together.

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yeah i will put some pictures and indications how to do, because it´s just my invention.

now i have a problem: when i switch on the lights the lights panel are working, if i introduce the key and turn it on dont work sh*ty

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I want to go through and replace all of the dash lights with white LED's... everything's gone that bland, dim yellowish color they get with age. bleh


on ebay u can find nice white plasma dash and it´s not that expensive.the crx limited is cool too.



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what would you search for to find that on ebay


"plasma del sol" but i search it on www.ebay.de  (Germany) for sure u have it too in USA

look at this link



my gfr bought it from a shop in germany, so next month when i´ll be back in Spain i´ll install it (with pictures).

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