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Moar issues!


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So on my old CB cluster, the odometer/tripometer stopped working. I swapped that part out and got another one (off a 9091 cluster, and mine's '92)


The 9091 cluster was made by NS, as well as my 9293 cluster.


Issue is: it spins faster than it should! From my girlfriend's house, to mine, is 12-ish miles. I reset it (since it was fixed there) and trip read at almost 27 miles. WTF?



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I know I am a little late to respond.


1. are the tire diameters on each model the same,

2. if so, then a. the VSS is bad or b. the spedo head recently put in is bad.


1: Yes.

2. a. The VSS? Sure? My speedo's fine... weird.

b. I only changed the tach and odo/trip part... On CBs, the odo/trip part is separate from the speedo.

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