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1989 Honda Civic won't start


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When you say pop the clutch I assume you mean doing that from a rolling start and the car will start running? If that is the case your new starter is bad, the power lead running to the starter is bad or the starter relay under the hood had blown. I guess it is possible the teeth on the flywheel are damaged but that would be really unusual.

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b4 you go buy a new starter and relays i have a quick easy question for ya.... when you turn the key to start the car to you get a clicking or your lights in the cluster dim down or do they flicker? like on my prelude my brake light in the cluster will turn on and off as i start mine.


if your light turns on and off as you try to start the car OR if they dim down on any of the lights in the car, your not gettin a constant power from the starter witch is most likely just your starter solenoid is bad.


to check if its bad just take your starter off and run the power wire to your battery and then put the starter on the neg (with metal on metal onto the negative), the grab a screwdriver and touch the 2 post and if your starter kicks over(winds up) then your solenoid is good. if thats all good then you have a connection problem so your wire could be old and fried up just strip a small piece and and run fresh wires to the battery.


if that doesnt work then its going to be either 3 of witch your starter relay is bad, or your ignition switch is bad and or your key ignition cylinder is bad.

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