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Prelude seats in a Sol???


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I need some help, I just picked upsome 92-96 prelude seats for dirt cheap and i want to swap them into my Sol. my current seats are getting worn and I have always loved how the 4th gen prelude seats feel, they are almost like the del sol seats.

So can anyone point me in the right direction to something to help me with the swap or just give me some pointers.

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I put 88-91 Prelude Si seats in my EG Sedan, but that doesn't help you much does it?


To do it I had to cut the civic and prelude seat rails in half and weld the bottom of the civic rails to the top of the prelude rails to make it fit. My car has no center console in it so width fitment is not an issue. There is my $0.02

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they wont fit if i recall someone tryd to do it and they were alot wider then sol seats.



what part of the seat is too wide?


I have seen people put S2000 seats in them before and from pics they seem cose to the same width but i could be wrong

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