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98 civic ex interior parts needed


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I'm looking for varios interior parts for my 98 civic ex... I'm looking into getting del sol seats, or some decent looking seats that are comfortable...


Seats aside, what i REALLY want/need is a new steering wheel, and if anyone has a driver's side door panel let me know.


Other thought is my headliner.. it's bad, and i need a new one. Is it difficult to put on a new one? i've never done it before.


edit: i also need the sun guard/flappy thingy for the driver's side as well. I'll be checking junk yards around here too... but they usually don't have anything.

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how is your headliner bad? is the fabric just coming off, or is the actual cardboard type material bent/warped.


if its just the fabric, pull it off, and cover it in suede or black leather or something.

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