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Need help taking out my stock radio in 05 civic

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Pull out that whole center piece on the dash if you can (climate controls etc) by wedging something under the cracks and pulling.


If it doesn't come easily, then you need to get a screwdriver and take out the entire center piece including the armrest and where the handbrake/shifter is.


There are 4 screws in the back (1)


There are 3 screws inside the armrest compartment (2)


Then pop the shift boot down off the shift knob. Then unscrew the shift knob. Then pop off the cover and shift boot. There are 4 more screws under there. (3)


Then you have to lift that entire console piece out of the way and see if there are two more screws up inside the dash holding the radio in from underneath.



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Am I the only one that dislikes it when people want help and help is provided without a post back regarding a "thanks" or acknowledgement of your response? I know this thread is a slight bit old, but a response would have been nice, especially since you went through the time of putting the Honda parts diagram on you post with the directions.


I assume I am not the only one that does not like the "instant one stop help shopping." As far as I am concerned unless a newbie (or others for that matter) has a well posted question and seems sincere I may not reply. This is not a text messaging site so please (to all new posters) do your best to speak English. I make typos too, but some of us old timer master techs can not understand the the "h-e double L" you are talking about with all this text messaging stuff. On my behalf I am learning the text messaging abbreviations but if you have a real issue and can not take the time to type it out so that others can understand, then why should we take the time to respond?

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