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Spindle Nuts


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Hey Guys, Ive Been Messing with this dam spindle nut on my 89 CRX and for what ever reason i can not get it off. Ive Tried a couple things, starting with using a prybar and breaker bar to try and remove the dam thing, i cant seem to get it off, i stuck the prybar between the studs as close to the rotor as possible to avoid breaking the stud and at this point i was litterally lifting the car off the ground, im not sure where to go from here, i could use an impact but honestly would that be any diffrent than a 200lb guy and a breaker bar? I could be wrong, but any ways any help would be awsome!

Thanks in advance


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An impact is a whole lot different. It works in a much different way. Even a weak impact can be more effective than a big strong dude. Also, spray some penetrate on it. PBlaster works well. Or seafoam deep creep.

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i always use a good size screwdriver and put it in the brake and so the rotor won't turn, the hole at the calibers and rotor fan slot) then a 32mm with a long breaker bar, and stand on it, bounce on it few time. it worked on every honda i every came across. but impact with work for sure, and there's a different between hands taking it off and impact it off. u can always use a hammer hit on the bar too, it kinda act like a impact. that works on my crank pulley bolts.

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