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part compatibility?


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Ok so i'm just starting to learn about cars so don't freak out on me. i have a 2001 civic and my friend and i are going to start doing some work on it. my brother tells me the other day he has a turbo kit from his oldsmobile i can have and that it will fit into my civic engine. i don't know if this is true or not and like i said i dont know too much about cars so does anyone have any advice? will a domestic part work?

also any suggestions on easy beginner mods for civics?



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A turbo by itself, and some of the piping and assorted parts, are pretty generic. The size of the turbo is an issue though. Bigger turbo equates to more boost and more power, it also means more lag too, but a bigger turbo needs a properly built and sized engine or you will just destroy your stuff.

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