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emission problem

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Recently I took my 2006 Acura TL to the dealership as the "Tighten fuel cap" light came on preceeded a few days later by the "check engine" light. I was told that the evap canister was bad so they replaced it. The day of the repair driving home the fuel cap light came back on so i found myself back at the dealership. They then told me they ran a test and everything checked out and they also replaced my gas cap. A few days later the fuel cap light came back on so I have to go back to the dealership. Im thinking they need to hook up a smoke machine to find the leak (if there is one). Any other idea's as to what this might be. This light is driving me crazy!

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its most likely just a idiot light (lawl) but it could alsol just be that 1 of your fule vacuum lines came loose and is sucking air and it could have a small hole in it. but ya just check all of your fuel vacuum lines 1st b4 you take it back to the dealership... or if your not sure witch hose is your fuel vacuum. just check all of them. (eastiest way to check for a vacuum leak is to use starting fluid and just spray around the lines (at idle) if you hear your motor rev up thats the line your having problems with

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It's actually better to use a gas like acetylene or oxygen than to spray a combustible liquid all around your engine bay.


But yeah, there must still be a leak somewhere. They can be a real pain to track down sometimes.

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